“Both Dr. Rasty & Travis were invaluable in helping us reach a favorable resolution for our client. Dr. Rasty’s expertise and professionalism in the courtroom was instrumental in the defendant’s decision to increase their settlement offer prior to trial. It was clear throughout this project that Travis provides an invaluable service to Dr. Rasty and RWFE. His knowledge of both engineering and the law was apparent in written reports and in the preparation of Dr. Rasty for deposition and hearings.”

 – Whitney Pesnell, The Pesnell Law Firm


“Dr. Rasty’s graduate Forensic Engineering course brought new insight and valuable knowledge into my limited world of both forensics and engineering.  Dr. Rasty did an excellent job teaching difficult material to students who did not have any previous training in engineering and he gave actual life applications that can be done with this knowledge.  Part of the course pertained to hands-on projects where we were given the task to determine the root cause of catastrophic failure of certain materials.  I enjoyed the class as a whole but this part of the course allowed us to process what we were learning and then apply it to real life scenarios.  This course has enabled me to observe certain materials with a knowledgeable insight into its composition and possible reason(s) for failure.”

– Graduate Student, Institute for Forensic Sciences


“Very professional and honest. Great analytical skills. Documents every step methodically, Engineering judgment is great. Available resources are great. Overall does a great job.”

– Keith Belt, The Belt Law Firm


“Professor Rasty was the most effective expert witness I have ever worked with. A highly experienced opposing counsel attempted to surprise Professor Rasty by asking him to recreate by hand a highly complex mathematical formula, a request for which I had not prepared him. Without hesitation, Professor Rasty strode to the white-board and wrote the entire formula—mathematical symbols and all—from memory. Instant credibility with the factfinder.”

– Jeremy Martin, Malouf and Nockels, LLP


“I thought this class was really interesting and was always excited to go to class. I think this class is an essential course that should be part of regular engineering curriculum.”

– Engineering Student, Texas Tech University


“Wow! You guys are the real deal. Truly Amazing. Honestly, I cannot recall seeing more impressive expert work. That you are willing to assist on such short notice is a great blessing and benefit.”

– Jonathan Nockels, Malouf & Nockels, LLP


“I would recommend it to become a required ME class because this area is needed in our learning experience.”

– Engineering Student, Texas Tech University


“Fantastic job; truly outstanding report!”

– CEO of an Oil & Gas Exploration Company, Dallas, TX


“This course material should be covered in the core requirements for an ME degree. The failure analysis section is very valuable to an engineer.”

– Engineering Student, Texas Tech University


“Overall, valuable learning experience that can definitely be used in real world applications”

– Engineering Student, Texas Tech University