Insurance Claims



An insurance claim is a request to an insurance company asking for payment based on the terms of an insurance policy. Insurance claims are frequently reviewed by the insurance company for validity prior to being paid out. Dealing with insurance claims requires knowledge of law, property value, depreciation, estimation and replacement cost, and sometimes specialized expertise related to the nature of the loss.


When an insurance company pays out on a policy, it takes over the rights of remedies of the insured against any third party contributor to the loss. Third party contributors may be corporations, businesses, or individuals who acted negligently and contributed to the loss. Insurance subrogation is the process through which an insurance company may attempt to recover a portion of the policy payment from other tortfeasors by pursuing legal remedies. Insurance subrogation is an important process to insurance companies and helps keep the overall cost of insurance as low as possible for people who utilize their services.


Our Role

RWFE has helped insurance companies by conducting scene investigations of fires, broken equipment, crashed automobiles, lightning damage, corrosion, hail damage, and much much more. Once the initial claim is settled, let us assist you with any subrogation potential that may result.

Previous Projects

Previous projects involving insurance claims include:

  • Quarry Saw