Fire & Explosion Investigation



Fire investigation is the systematic approach of collecting and analyzing data associated with a fire loss to determine the cause and origin. Much like forensic engineering, the approach of fire investigation follows closely to that of the scientific method. Fire investigations are often multi-disciplinary projects that may require knowledge and understanding of electrical and mechanical systems, engineering, chemistry, law, and human factors.


Our Role

At RWFE, LLC our fire investigation team members are educated and experienced in the forensic and engineering sciences and well prepared to offer you strong and credible opinions based firmly in acceptable scientific principles and research. Our investigators are experienced educators, researchers and professionals who have worked extensively in academia and private industries to earn credibility and expertise in their respective fields. Our fire investigation team is composed of university professors, engineers, forensic scientists, and other professionals who understand what it takes to develop and substantiate an opinion in the face of scrutiny. With our unique combination of expertise, we are prepared to tackle all aspects of a fire investigation and provide you opinions with scientific support rather than potential misinformation and techniques that have been too often accepted as fire science.