Electrical Engineering



Electrical engineering encompasses the study or design of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Sub disciplines within Electrical engineering include power, control, signal processing, telecommunications, and electronics.

Power. Power systems are those that work to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity. Engineers in the discipline will often be employed maintaining or designing electrical infrastructure to meet these purposes.

Controls. Electrical engineers focusing in a field of controls are responsible for the design of automated systems which utilize feedback to behave in a predetermined manner. Examples of control system range from simple (cruise control) to complicated systems utilized in space flight.

Signal Processing & Telecommunications. Signal processing engineers work with both analog and digital signals. Applications include noise reduction systems, mp3 multimedia, missile guidance, and GPS systems. Telecommunication systems are those systems that focus on the transmission of information over various mediums including hard lines (fiber optics or coax) or other signals transmitted through space.

Electronics. Electronics is the study of electronic circuits and components. This field is very important to the design of integrated and other electronic circuits.

Forensic Engineering. Like any field of engineering, electrical engineers find application in the realm of forensics by performing failure analysis on circuits and electronic components, analyzing grounding and shielding problems, and assessing damages (e.g. lightning strikes or fire cause and origin). Electrical engineering experts are also frequently needed in intellectual property disputes related to electrical components.


Our Role

RWFE and its associates have applied Electrical Engineering expertise in assessing damage, research, design audits, intellectual property work, failure analysis, litigation support, expert witness work, and educational settings. Call us about your project and we will be glad to advise and assist.