Failure Analysis Workshops & Short Courses



Failure Analysis Workshops and Short Courses are abbreviated courses and training that cover topics of specific interest to the targeted audience. Short courses may cover portions of particular college courses that are relevant to the intended office, or examples of real-world case studies. The length of courses ranges from hours to several weeks, but are often much shorter than the 45 hours of lecture time required for the average university course. Short courses can be customized to the particular needs and time constraints of the audience and offer good options for on-the-job training of employees.


Courses Previously Taught

Courses previously developed and taught by RWFE Associates includes:

  • “Principles of Failure Analysis and Solid Mechanics”
  • “Mechanics of Materials & Failure Analysis”
  • “Principles of Forensic Engineering”
  • “Foundations of Engineering Principles: Statics, Materials, Solid Mechanics”
  • “Materials Mechanics & Failure Analysis”
  • “Failure Analysis Techniques”
  • “Design through Failure Analysis”
  • IBEW and IBC Apprenticeship programs


Past Clients

Past clients include the following:

  • Caprock Crime Scene Investigators
  • Raytheon Corporation
  • Texas Instruments
  • The Institute for Forensic Sciences
  • Texas Career Schools